Shaw’s Supermarket Holiday Hours – Opening/ Closing Timings, Near Me

Last updated on December 25th, 2019 at 09:09 pm

A ration is running short, but do not have time to even go to the nearby supermarket for buying the needed ration? Well, there is no need to hurry at all. You have Shaw’s supermarket locations near you which will definitely be at your service.

shaws holiday hours

Enjoy your working hours without actually hammering your mind to make time for going out to shop your ration and all the essential day to day items. As, in here, you will be profoundly given all the knowledge regarding the Shaw’s Holiday Hours. This will definitely be a help out for making your holidays enjoying and relaxing in addition.

As you know shopping is always fun. It works as a therapy by diverting your mind and attaining inner peace. If shopping let you incorporate your dear ones then nothing can be better than to shop to engage bonding between you two.

But, to make the plan successful you need to be in a fresh state of mind. And, here lies the significance of Shaw’s. It allows you to shop even in your holidays making your holidays extra beneficial and worthy each time.

Holiday Hours of Shaw’s: In Brief

Before getting started with Shaw’s Holiday Hours, it is necessary for you to have a brief idea regarding the Shaw’s supermarket. The market is just not a retail grocery store but it is way more than that.

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Though initially, it had been started as the grocery store in 1860 at Portland, Mayne. But with the advent of time, the store gained a round of acknowledgment as it incorporated sections of a bakery, dairy products, liquor, meat, pharmacy and lots more.

The Shaw’s market locations are widespread. According to the 2015 reports, the store is located in one hundred and twenty-six locations. The service of this retail store is really great and it engulfed a likable number of quality brands.

Among the list of brands include – Osco Drug, Equaline, Chill, Wild Harvest, “O” Organic, Open Nature, Shoppers Value, Home Life, Market Fresh, Essential Everyday, and loads more.

You get to visit the site of the store to get the detailed information regarding the store. There you will get the detailed account of all the available products in the store and also get the online facilities. The facilities include blogs that enrich your genius. It keeps you to get to enrich your know-how regarding different food recipes, health hints, pharmacy and much more.

Shaw’s Holiday Hours: the Usual Ones’

Well, this is your great supermarket site for purchasing whatever daily household items you require. With reasonable rates and great stock availability, the retail outlet store proved to have maintained its consistency for over years.

Also, the great service provider during holidays had made the customers to choose it over the other supermarkets that facilitate the same. Well, the store remains closed only during Christmas Day. But, it maintains its service consistency in every other holiday.

The regular working hours include 10 AM to 9 PM on Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays, 11 AM to 5 PM on Sundays. The detailed list of holidays is mentioned here, you let yourself tally the desired holiday with the active holidays of the Shaw’s. The Shaw’s Holiday Hours include –

Shaw’s Holiday Hours – Open / Close

Most stores will be open on this Holidays:

Days Date
New Year  1 January
Martin Luther King Jr. Day  15 January
Valentine’s Day  14 February
President’s Day  19 February
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday February 3rd to as late as March 9th (Varies)
St. Patrick’s Day  17 March
Good Friday  30 March
Easter Sunday   1 April
Easter Monday   2 April
 Cinco De Mayo   5 May
 Mother’s Day   13 May
 Memorial Day   28 May
Father’s Day   17 June
Independence Day  4 July
 Labour Day   4 September
 Columbus Day   9 October
 Halloween   31 October
 Veterans Day   11 November
 Thanksgiving Day   15 August
 Black Friday   24 November
Christmas Eve.   24 December


Most stores will be closed on this holiday:

Christmas Day


How to contact Shaw’s?

Address: M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093, Phoenix, AZ 85038
Phone Number: 877-276-9637

Location finder:


The holiday schedule may vary store to store, but generally, it is between 11 AM to 5 PM.

Above detailed description of the Shaw’s supermarket facilitated you to have a brief idea not only about the store but also for the Shaw’s Holiday Hours. Checking the available holidays plan to move out and shop accordingly to make your holiday worth relaxing. The wide shopping opportunities with the availability of active holiday hours will undoubtedly prove to be the best to purchase you belongings and also to spend a quality time with yourself and with the family.